Thursday 3 May 2018

Leverage the power of Google Sheets Explore with Blink Reports for Xero Accounting

Google is a leader in artificial intelligence and "Explore" in Google Sheets is a perfect example of applying this technology to your daily work.

Since Blink Reports is based entirely on Google Sheets the Explore tool comes in handy for quick analysis of data like invoice line items from Xero.

Start by clicking on the Explore icon bottom right of the Google Sheet, then click Edit top right corner to set the data range accordingly including the column names:

Once you've set the data range Google Sheets will make automatic suggestions like "Average of Amount Paid".  "Distribution of Item Code" will give you a chart with the count if Item Codes across the line items.

But even more powerful is the natural language processing built in. Type in a question like "what is the average line amount?" and you'll receive the answer without having to insert any formulas. Or type "what is total of line amount by month?" and you'll receive a trend line chart. If you like what you see click "Insert" to add it to your Google Sheet.


As always feel free to contact us at Blink Reports with any questions or feedback.

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