Tuesday 30 June 2015

New Google Sheets functionality upgrades Blink Reports automatically

One of the biggest benefits of taking advantage of Google's massive infrastructure and the resulting improvements in services, user interfaces, and more, is that we're able to bring those improvements directly to your reports without any work on your end. Google rolls out some new functionality, and you've got that same functionality right away.

In mid-June this year, Google introduced a number of enhancements directly related to data manipulation and charting. You can now add data labels to display the exact value of data points in a number of charts; we've integrated this into our standard template now, which you can see in the image below.

New data point value display thanks to a Google Sheets upgrade.
Since Blink Reports uses a fairly large number of formulae to return your data in an easily-readable format, Google's new in-line formula preview makes adjusting our formulae to work with your data easier than ever, as you can now see exactly what your formula will return while you're writing it.

Updated permissions for protecting cells or ranges have now also been integrated into our templates, to ensure that our formulae can keep looking at the correct data.

It's thanks to the ever-evolving nature of Google's products that we're able to bring you such a powerful reporting engine and constant updates without you needing to lift a finger. Google ships it, and you've got it right away.