Wednesday 10 May 2017

Blink Reports for Xero Accounting now supports listing the Chart of Accounts

We've made listing your Chart of Accounts inside Google Spreadsheets simple to do:

With the Chart of Accounts formula, you can use Index and Match formulas to add the account codes to any of your reports.

For any report you want the account codes listed beside the account name, you can paste the following example formula to the left of each account name:
=if(isna(index(XeroAccounts!$A$4:$A$995,match(Account Name,XeroAccounts!$B$4:$B$995,0))),"",index(XeroAccounts!$A$4:$A$995,match(Account Name,XeroAccounts!$B$4:$B$995,0)))
Replace "Account Name" in the formula with the reference to the cell directly beside it, or the location of the account name (example: “Sales”). You can view a live example of this in the "XeroPL" sheet on the template.

Test it out now by opening the Blink Reports Template and make a copy to take advantage of the new functionality with your own data.

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