Tuesday 12 February 2019

Announcement: Blink Reports Version 2.0 is released

Blink Reports is now an official Google Sheet Add-on!

Blink Reports for Google Sheets version 2.0 has been released and gives you the option to generate reports live from Xero Accounting software with no formulas required. We’ve made generating reports much easier! Blink Reports adds the power of a Google Sheets Add-on interactive sidebar for simple inserting of standard Xero Accounting reports into Google Sheets plus it lets you live refresh the report on a schedule of your choice. You can still use our library of powerful Blink Reports Custom formulas which we’ve also updated to support multi-column reports like a 12 month Profit and Loss Statement. Did you also know that Blink Reports is the only Google Sheets Add-on for Xero Accounting that lets you combine custom formulas with the add-on sidebar reports? We think this makes Blink Reports the most powerful and flexible reporting engine for Xero Accounting available! Blink Reports still costs just $9.99 USD per organization per month and can still consolidate financial reports from multiple Xero organizations into a single Google Sheet!