Monday 5 January 2015

Happy New Year from Blink Reports!

Here are a few facts:
  • Blink Reports continually gets better because we built it on the Google Sheets and Google App Engine platform. 100% of our Blink Reports code runs inside the Google Cloud Platform meaning it will automatically scale to match customer demand without us having to manage server instances or configure load balancers. Google does it all for us.

  • Blink Reports data is secured by the massive resources and security team of Google. If you'd like to further secure your Blink Reports data from hackers or malicious websites that might figure out your password simply enable 2-step Verification on your Google Account... Sony should have had this.
  • Google is constantly improving the speed and features of Google Sheets on your web browser and on your Android Tablet or iPad. Blink Reports is accessible anywhere and on any device.
If you feel that Blink Reports is missing something please Contact Us. We're always open to doing custom development on our Blink Reports platform to meet your needs. 

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